Bare Knuckles Practice 1

Bare Knuckles, the next short film we'll be working on, takes place in the same universe as The Interrogator and Assassin's Ball. Time wise it exists after The Interrogator and before Assassin's Ball. Bare Knuckles is linked more directly to Assassin's Ball, as the events that take place in Bare Knuckles fuel some of the characters' actions in Assassin's Ball.
Note that all fighters in Bare Knuckles are people with experience in multiple martial arts.

With that minimal story universe/time explanation, let's carry on to what actually happened for practice. The first round of practice will consist of laying out a choreography for the fight scenes. There will be a total of two fight scenes in the short; the main scene will be Old School versus Jamkarret (Joost vs. Matheus) and the bonus scene will be The Groovy Headmaster versus Jamkarret (Frenky vs. Matheus). We started practice off with Frenky and Matheus who created the first half of the choreography for their fight (result at the bottom).

At the top we see Desfrank's Frenky on the left and Fissa's Matheus on the right, ready for battle. For the second practice round of this fight, they'll repeat the first part of the choreography again until the motions become more fluid. They'll also build on the first part and finish the choreography, which will be further refined in the third round. After that it's practice, practice, practice. By the third round camera angles and movement will be incorporated into the choreography as well.