Bare Knuckles Practice 2

Compulsory information (find practice video below): Bare Knuckles, the next short film we'll be working on, takes place in the same universe as The Interrogator and Assassin's Ball. Time wise it exists after The Interrogator and before Assassin's Ball. Bare Knuckles is linked more directly to Assassin's Ball, as the events that take place in Bare Knuckles fuel some of the characters' actions in Assassin's Ball.
Note that all fighters in Bare Knuckles are people with experience in multiple martial arts.

Still in the first round of practice for the fight scenes, we went on to figure out the choreography for the main fight scene this week. Old School (Joost) versus Jamkarret (Matheus). The fight is split into three parts; each part will be filmed from multiple angles. We purposely divided it this way to make working with one camera more viable. The division also gives both fighters some breathing room in between as we switch angles. Multiple takes will also be faster to do, because we won't have to do a 45 second fight scene over and over on the shooting day, instead we'll do 3 parts of 15 seconds, making things easier to repeat.

Repetition is of course key in practice. We can't stress that enough, because a well-practiced choreography leaves more room for camera play. The more things you get right, the better the end result will be. Never rely on just one aspect of the entire machine.