Bare Knuckles Practice 4

Last week we tested the camera angles for the Jamkarret vs. Old School fight, after altering the choreography slightly to benefit filming, we decided to practice on set this week. Thanks to Linda for letting us practice inside Out Of Control's building

Matheus couldn't make it to the practice, so Desfrank's Frenky (The Groovy Headmaster) took his role this week. Next to fighting he also added some added sound effects to the edit. We also did some more slow-motion shots. You can really see the difference that audio effects make when comparing this week's practice video to those before it.
Here's a link to an earlier video:

Compare that to the video below.

Next up is The Groovy Headmaster vs. Jamkarret fight. As things are going more to a final state, we will soon move from preproduction to production. Bare Knuckles will be filmed in 4 different locations and will have tie-ins with Assassin's Ball and in the great scheme of things, with The Interrogator as well, both of which can be found here.