Church Dance Video

Earlier this week we went to film a dance promo clip for Out Of Control (Linda van Asselt's dance school), here's the lowdown. Multiple groups of dancers, from children to adults, danced partly the same and partly different routines to Faded by Alan Walker. The clip was shot at De Heerencompagnie in Annerveenschekanaal, so props go out to them for giving Out Of Control the space to dance and letting us film there.

-- Preview video and technical specs are near the bottom of the post --

One thing that was a bit of a letdown that day was the weather, several weeks back we went to check the location on what happened to be a beautiful day. Of course the lighting was lot nicer then, with rays bursting through the giant windows, giving everything more contrast, but we were less lucky on the day of the shoot. Nonetheless the lighting was good enough to work with, it mattered less for video than for photography; photos were not the main goal here either way. That said, here are some more pictures.

Everything went according to schedule on the shooting day, which was a nice surprise. We always take in account at least half an hour of extra time (usually more, better safe than sorry), but that wasn't necessary in this case. We started at 10:00 and were back out again at 12:25. Of course scouting the location beforehand helped a lot with checking camera angles and positioning.

Now for the more time-consuming job; editing. We edited the whole in Sony Vegas Pro 13 and used Davinci Resolve 12 for color grading, since everything was shot in S-Log2. Frenky Lewakabessy from over at Desfrank helped out with sorting and timing the 18 clips that were shot. Him being a music aficionado made timing the cuts a lot faster as he could mark everything by ear (having a diverse network of people is always convenient). Editing took us a total of around 5.5 hours, including color grading.

Now for the technical specifications; everything was filmed on the Sony A7s with a 24mm F2.8 Canon FD lens, using Picture Profile 7 (S-Log2 Gamma, S-Gamut, Saturation -7, Detail -7) in 25p XAVC-S. The ISO ranged between 4000 and 8000. All the levels were brought back to normal in Davinci Resolve using the curves and Log wheels to adjust for light and color and the blur/sharpen sliders to bring back a bit of sharpness. Anyways, enough banter, here's a preview of the video (the final version of course doesn't have the giant text over top of it). You can check the complete version over at (site is in Dutch) or on their YouTube channel.