Face Paint Part 2

Out of ideas for Linda, we moved on to Eline and her orange top. Both models wore strapless bra's as to minimize distraction from the important parts of the image. With Eline we started off at the white background as well.

This wasn't getting us the same stunning results as with Linda and the matching white paint. We figured the very saturated orange color probably fit the black background better, so after a few test shots we moved on to black.

The black background looked better than the white background, so we continued there. The shots here were lit with 2 desk lamps each holding a 40 watt bulb (don't know the exact color temperature, but they're warm). The light we were using made everything even more orange than it already was.

We did a couple more poses and also discovered that orange skin makes your teeth very white, so if you have a yellow teeth problem, start eating a lot of carrots. After running out of ideas for poses, we thought it might look fun adding the lipstick.

But because Eline was already orange, the red didn't have as much effect, of course, as with Linda. It was quickly removed after a Vogue shot and we figured we'd do a few more poses before taking off the orange paint. While removing the paint though, we stumbled on an unexpected look, which ended up netting us two images I'd actually finalize (one below and another one even further below).

Another lesson we learnt in the process is that removing orange paint is a painstaking process. While doing this though, we got a cool, kind of random shape around Eline's eyes that accented them way more than the original idea of making the entire upper body orange.
As you can see with Linda's pictures, non of the final images focus on her eyes, mostly because the contrast from the white paint and her black hair grab all the attention (this is my reasoning at least). But those images look awesome in a different way, so this shoot was more diverse than expected, which is of course a good thing. So we learnt a lot and got two more images to add to the portfolio, not too shabby for a day's work.